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Welcome to Hack2Innovation – where brilliance meets action! Join us in the Mind Installers Hackathon 2k24 , a national-level hackathon, embracing
open themes and innovation. Unleash your creativity for real-world problem-solving and new business creation!


Exciting Awards


The FIRST RUNNER-UP will be awarded a prize valued at INR 25,000

Grand champion

The WINNER will be awarded a prize valued at INR 50,000


The SECOND RUNNER-UP will be awarded a prize valued at INR 10,000

Other Existing Awards

Letter Of Appreciation
Certificate Of Participation
Incubation Chance
Mentorship Chance
Internship Chance
Placement Chance

Participation Process

Step 1: Sign Up/Login

  • Participants must first sign up or log in to the Hack2Innovation platform.
  • Visit Hack2Innovation
  • If you're a new user, sign up by providing the required personal information.
  • Existing users can log in using their credentials.

Step 2: Register for the Hackathon

  • After logging in, navigate to the hackathon registration section.
  • Fill out the registration form with the following details:
    • Team Information: Enter your team name and add team members (minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 members).
    • Project Details: Provide your project title, define the problem statement you are addressing, outline the solution you propose, and list the technology stack you plan to use.

Step 3: Phase 1 - Online Presentation Round

  • Prepare a presentation based on the provided format/template Download Template
  • Submit and present your PowerPoint presentation online.
  • This presentation should effectively communicate your project idea, solution, and how it addresses the selected problem statement.

Step 4: Round 2 - Online Evaluation

  • Participants selected from Phase 1 will advance to Round 2.
  • This involves a more detailed evaluation conducted online.
  • Specific criteria and formats for this round will be communicated to the selected teams.

Step 5: Final Round - Offline Implementation

  • Teams that pass Round 2 will enter the final round.
  • This is a 24-hour continuous, offline implementation hackathon.
  • Teams will develop their proposed solutions, demonstrating their technical skills and ability to innovate under time constraints.

Additional Notes

  • Throughout the hackathon, participants will have access to mentors and resources to refine their projects.
  • Ensure all team members are aware of the hackathon rules, judging criteria, and schedules to maximize your team’s performance.
  • Stay engaged with the Hack2Innovation platform for updates, tips, and communication with other participants and organizers.
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Rules and Regulations

To ensure the smooth operation and fairness of the IIMT Mind Installers Hackathon 2.0, the following rules and regulations have been established. Participants are required to adhere to these guidelines throughout the event:

1. Team Composition and Registration

  • The individual under whose ID the team registers will be designated as the Team Leader.
  • Teams can consist of a minimum of 2 member (individual participation) and a maximum of 4 members.
  • The hackathon is open to all who wish to participate, regardless of background or expertise.

2. Presentation and Submission Requirements

  • Participants must use the provided template for their PowerPoint presentations during the online presentation round. Failure to use the given template will result in disqualification.
  • All submissions must be original work specifically created for this hackathon.

3. Online Round Protocol

  • During the online evaluation rounds, participants are required to have their cameras and microphones on.
  • Participants should ensure they are seated in a quiet, non-disturbing area to prevent background noise and interruptions.
  • The use of virtual backgrounds or blurring is recommended if the environment is not neutral.

4. Judging Criteria

  • Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Problem Solving: The effectiveness of the solution in addressing the problem statement.
    • Innovation: The originality and creativity of the solution.
    • Feasibility Study: The practicality of implementing the solution in real-world scenarios.
    • Additional factors may include technical execution, design, scalability, impact, and presentation skills.

5. General Conduct

  • Participants are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Harassment, use of offensive language, or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Collaboration among teams is encouraged in the spirit of learning and innovation, but direct copying of ideas, code, or solutions is strictly prohibited.

6. Intellectual Property

  • Participants retain ownership of all intellectual property (IP) rights to their projects. However, by participating in the hackathon, you grant the organizers the right to use your project for promotional purposes.

7. Disqualification

  • Violation of any of the above rules and regulations may result in disqualification from the hackathon.
  • The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant or team that attempts to compromise the fairness, integrity, or operational process of the hackathon.

8. Final Decision

  • The decisions made by the judges are final and binding. Feedback will be provided upon request.

By participating in the IIMT Mind Installer Hackathon 2.0, participants agree to abide by these rules and regulations. The primary goal of this hackathon is to foster innovation, creativity, and learning. We wish all participants the best of luck and look forward to seeing your groundbreaking solutions.

Contact Person

Seema Nayak

Prof. (Dr.) Seema Nayak
IIMT College Of Engineering


Mr. Saswat Kr. Das
(Head, R&D)
IIMT College Of Engineering

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